Why would someone want to live off grid today- Part 3

So in carrying on with this series, talking about why in today’s world, someone might want to live off the grid and back to a very simple-yet less convenient way of life. I have shared four good reasons with you so far and went into detail as to why those reasons are valid. In recap, the first 4 reasons were: 1) To grow your own healthy-non GMO food. 2) The many aspects of this way of life that really speak to some folks spiritual side. 3) The constant rising prices associated with all aspects of life, especially food. 4) As it gets more expensive to live on the grid and in the cities, off the grid will always be as cheap as you make it.

 So here are my next 2 good reasons. 1) To keep farm animals. A lot, if not most places will not allow folks to keep farm animals in the cities, let alone even in some urban areas that are just outside city limits. Keep animals such as chickens can be highly rewarding, cut the cost of feeding a family and have proven to be therapy. As the food in stores becomes more and more unnatural and unhealthy and downright expensive, more people are turning to raising certain farm animals they use to offset their family’s food bill drastically.

2) Move off grid to get away from people. It’s no secret that as the population grows in the cities and where ever a greater density of people can be found, that houses are being built to close and apartments, urghhh. Who likes that way of living? I mean really, I do not like having to keep my curtains pulled day and night just to preserve my privacy! I personally like to make good use of the natural light, called sun light, during the day. Living in close quarters is just to unhealthy, downright unnatural and usually stressful at times. When you choose to move off grid out in the country, you can also choose the land you purchase…which usually means trees and the deer as neighbors!

The Missouri Ozarks has a lot of land that can be considered prime- off grid living , homesteading type land. I personally have watched for 7 years as the MO. Ozarks have become a pretty popular place for this very way of life. We came 7 years ago, when the movement was still just a thought. But since then Dogwood Hollow Homestead, my homestead, has become a sort of beacon of light for those looking for the off grid way of life for themselves. I do help folks learn what they need to know and find land here and am very happy to do so. So if anyone reading this finds themselves interested in this lifestyle for themselves and in need of such information…drop me a line at my email and say hi.

If you are into DIY off grid learning then my books could be right up your alley. Find them all here.


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