Why would someone want to live off grid today- Part 4


Some people scarf at the idea of living with next to nothing. In a world that has been taught that the person who dies with the most “toys” wins and that success can be measured by the amount of money or items a person owns, it can be frustrating to those that try and never seem to be able to keep up with their neighbor. Then the ridicule that is associated with being different, being the outcast. Who wants to live with such utter ridiculous drama? Now don’t get me wrong, you get the drama makers and drama queens even in the off grid community! Sad, but true. Some people can not stand the feeling of not being as successful as the next person even in the off grid community!


I have personally experienced attacks on my family because of this very issue, well that and the fact that some people just can not suppress their jealous nature. SO in carrying on with my series of why someone would want to live off grid in today’s world, I give you my next 2 good reasons. #7) To get away from the drama and people of modern day society. Some would say, well you are still in “society”, although technically true, when you live far out of the city limits and away from anyone, especially for forest dwellers, life can seem completely separate. Living on private property of your own gives you all sorts of options to distance yourself from all the negative aspects of modern people and life too.


In fact, most of the off grid folks I know have, at one point, told me that reason was their most prominent reason for their decision. For me, it was a major decision maker as well. Reason #8) To prepare their family to better survive something, or anything, that may happen. The fact is, those that live in the cities and those that are surrounded by people will have a harder time surviving a SHTF scenario. Now we all know that here in Missouri, for instance, it is smart to have your family prepared for natural disasters, such as the flood of 2017 that Texas County MO. endured and is still recovering from!

Live free or die

But what about things that could happen beyond natural disasters, most believe it’s a matter of when…not if. Things such as the next big war, or country wide famine, economy collapse, or country/world wide financial collapse, could be a persons motivation for preparing to survive a SHTF situation. Living off grid gives you more freedom to prepare for such things as you are not bound by the rules and regulations like you are in the city limits. Kind of hard to dig a tornado bunker or take your house off the electrical grid and onto solar when you live in areas where rules and regulations oppose it.

Agenda 21 future

For more information on preparing your family for a SHTF event, check out my book titled, “Preparing for the collapse- Food production basics”, available online where ever books are sold. Don’t miss the last part to this series, next month!


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