Why would someone want to live off grid today- Part 5


In my last 4 articles, I went over 8 reasons why someone might choose to live off the grid in the present day. Although each person’s reasons might be different, over the last 7 years of my own off-grid journey I have talked to many people that have told me their own reasons. I have based my top 10 list on those reasons told to me as well as my own reasons, which in many cases, were the same as what I was hearing from others.

To recap here are the first 8 reasons people are choosing to live off grid in today’s world:

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1- For spiritual reasons.


 2- To grow their own food.


 3- Because of the constant rising prices associated with all aspects of life.


 4- To better be able to afford to live.


 5- To keep farm animals.

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 6- To get away from society/people.

drama free

 7- To get away from the drama and turmoil of modern day society.


 8- To prepare their family to better survive anything that may happen.

Here is reason number 9 people choose to live off grid in today’s world:


9- To escape building codes and regulations. For some, it’s no secret that building codes and regulations make it hard to build your own home, control your own waste management system, your own trash, etc. You can not do anything, inside the city limits, without being bound to codes and regulations. For some, this places a strain on their budget and limited knowledge of building, yet they still want to build their own home and control every aspect of their family’s lives without the intrusion of strict modern day codes and regulations.

Yes, codes and regulations are in place for safety and as a guide that is based on expert aspects, again for safety. However, there are still those people that would prefer to be able to do what they want without the pressure of such rules. This leads us to the 10th reason folks choose to live off the grid, today.

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10- To become more self-sufficient and sustainable. More and more people are “waking up” to the truths that modern day life just isn’t as healthy as it used to be and that our civilization’s way of life is at odds with the planet, in almost all aspects. Also, more people are realizing that as we move forward it does not seem to be increasing our life expectancy, nor the life expectancy of our children. It’s no secret that what we are doing, how we are living just is not natural.

As these realizations, and others, become more prevalent; such as the destruction of our water, air, and soil, more and more people are realizing it is because of the impact humans have on the planet and turning to a more sustainable way of life.

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The quest for higher education in a pre-apocalyptic war era

Dogwood Hollow Homestead-Off Grid


Higher education….lets look at the truth, and you can research this. America is the most under educated civilization on the planet. Our modern days schools do not educate you with information that will keep you alive when shit hits the fan (SHTF). Instead, America, today, is like Nazi Germany and is indoctrinating its young as either potential military customers, political puppets, societal slaves or as a consumer. They wave BS ideas and promises in front of your face and make erroneous promises of a bright and prosperous future, if you get your higher education. But its all based on consumerism, buy, buy buy. They tell you that you need more stuff, you need the next big thing and that you need to become more, when all they are doing is creating their next puppet or slave in society.

If you fall into their mind games you will forever become blind…

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Why would someone want to live off grid today- Part 4


Some people scarf at the idea of living with next to nothing. In a world that has been taught that the person who dies with the most “toys” wins and that success can be measured by the amount of money or items a person owns, it can be frustrating to those that try and never seem to be able to keep up with their neighbor. Then the ridicule that is associated with being different, being the outcast. Who wants to live with such utter ridiculous drama? Now don’t get me wrong, you get the drama makers and drama queens even in the off grid community! Sad, but true. Some people can not stand the feeling of not being as successful as the next person even in the off grid community!


I have personally experienced attacks on my family because of this very issue, well that and the fact that some people just can not suppress their jealous nature. SO in carrying on with my series of why someone would want to live off grid in today’s world, I give you my next 2 good reasons. #7) To get away from the drama and people of modern day society. Some would say, well you are still in “society”, although technically true, when you live far out of the city limits and away from anyone, especially for forest dwellers, life can seem completely separate. Living on private property of your own gives you all sorts of options to distance yourself from all the negative aspects of modern people and life too.


In fact, most of the off grid folks I know have, at one point, told me that reason was their most prominent reason for their decision. For me, it was a major decision maker as well. Reason #8) To prepare their family to better survive something, or anything, that may happen. The fact is, those that live in the cities and those that are surrounded by people will have a harder time surviving a SHTF scenario. Now we all know that here in Missouri, for instance, it is smart to have your family prepared for natural disasters, such as the flood of 2017 that Texas County MO. endured and is still recovering from!

Live free or die

But what about things that could happen beyond natural disasters, most believe it’s a matter of when…not if. Things such as the next big war, or country wide famine, economy collapse, or country/world wide financial collapse, could be a persons motivation for preparing to survive a SHTF situation. Living off grid gives you more freedom to prepare for such things as you are not bound by the rules and regulations like you are in the city limits. Kind of hard to dig a tornado bunker or take your house off the electrical grid and onto solar when you live in areas where rules and regulations oppose it.

Agenda 21 future

For more information on preparing your family for a SHTF event, check out my book titled, “Preparing for the collapse- Food production basics”, available online where ever books are sold. Don’t miss the last part to this series, next month!

Why would someone want to live off grid today- Part 3

So in carrying on with this series, talking about why in today’s world, someone might want to live off the grid and back to a very simple-yet less convenient way of life. I have shared four good reasons with you so far and went into detail as to why those reasons are valid. In recap, the first 4 reasons were: 1) To grow your own healthy-non GMO food. 2) The many aspects of this way of life that really speak to some folks spiritual side. 3) The constant rising prices associated with all aspects of life, especially food. 4) As it gets more expensive to live on the grid and in the cities, off the grid will always be as cheap as you make it.

 So here are my next 2 good reasons. 1) To keep farm animals. A lot, if not most places will not allow folks to keep farm animals in the cities, let alone even in some urban areas that are just outside city limits. Keep animals such as chickens can be highly rewarding, cut the cost of feeding a family and have proven to be therapy. As the food in stores becomes more and more unnatural and unhealthy and downright expensive, more people are turning to raising certain farm animals they use to offset their family’s food bill drastically.

2) Move off grid to get away from people. It’s no secret that as the population grows in the cities and where ever a greater density of people can be found, that houses are being built to close and apartments, urghhh. Who likes that way of living? I mean really, I do not like having to keep my curtains pulled day and night just to preserve my privacy! I personally like to make good use of the natural light, called sun light, during the day. Living in close quarters is just to unhealthy, downright unnatural and usually stressful at times. When you choose to move off grid out in the country, you can also choose the land you purchase…which usually means trees and the deer as neighbors!

The Missouri Ozarks has a lot of land that can be considered prime- off grid living , homesteading type land. I personally have watched for 7 years as the MO. Ozarks have become a pretty popular place for this very way of life. We came 7 years ago, when the movement was still just a thought. But since then Dogwood Hollow Homestead, my homestead, has become a sort of beacon of light for those looking for the off grid way of life for themselves. I do help folks learn what they need to know and find land here and am very happy to do so. So if anyone reading this finds themselves interested in this lifestyle for themselves and in need of such information…drop me a line at my email and say hi.

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Why would someone want to live off the grid today-Part 2

live free or die rock

As I talked about my first 2 reasons for living off the grid in part 1 of this series, I have decided to carry on with the series and list a few more reasons that someone, today, would want to live off the grid. Most of my readers know, by now, that I have lived off the grid in TX county MO. for close to 8 years now. So over the course of that time I have had the opportunity to meet many others in the area and surrounding areas that live similar to me. As off grid mind set usually goes, I try and surround myself with those of like mind. There is a healthy population of good folks that are living off the grid, back to a homesteading lifestyle here in Tx. County and surrounding counties. We all have different reasons in our forefront for living this way, but we all have a lot more other reasons in common.

Another reason someone would want to live this way is because of the constant rising prices associated with all aspects of life. Food prices are on the rise right now and there is no surprise that there are even food shortages taking place and more forecast. It has gotten nearly impossible to feed your family on one income, let alone 2. So to offset that one would naturally understand that if they were to grow, raise, hunt, fish, and wild forage for most of their food, they could feed themselves and their family better….and healthier too! That takes land. So moving off the grid surely comes into mind. Although not required to produce your own food, it does make it cheaper when you don’t have to pay all those utility bills.

Compost Toilet

Which brings us to another reason….money has lost it’s value and it is getting worse. A dollar, let alone a hand full of dollars just can not get you much of anything now. So if there is one way to cut spending where it does not really matter, think of utility bills. The fact is, for most people, grid tied power, grid tied running water, internet, cable/satellite TV are luxuries that are not necessary to live. If that is so, then cutting all those bills could allow you a lot more money. So as it gets more expensive to live on the grid and in the cities, off the grid will always be as cheap as you make it. Even off the grid folks can have luxury, if they want it.

But as food prices are rising and set to rise even more with no end in sight it would be smart to do something to offset food prices and probably other living expenses. We live in a changing world, an uncertain future lies ahead and you owe it to your loved ones and yourself to be able to survive what may lie ahead in humanities path to challenge us.

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Why would someone want to live off grid today-Part 1?

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It’s a fair question. Taking into consideration how easy life has become compared to how it used to be, which off grid living traditionally focuses on past ways of living. Things such as washing your laundry by hand has been replaced with modern day washing machines, growing your own food has been replaced with shopping in modern day grocery stores. So life has gotten easier, more convenient. To understand what mind frame a person has to be in and what they see in a lifestyle that has all but been placed in the history books, we have to ask the right person/people. Me and my family has been living this way for almost 7 years. For the first 6 and a half years we didn’t even use renewable energy.

So we had oil lamps for lights, and nothing we owned except this laptop computer ran on electricity. About 6 months ago some people donated solar panels to use and so we have made a go with that. But even though we now have some solar energy, life for us has not really changed at all. We still live as close to the land and natural as we did before. A convenient way of life, is still not a proper way to describe our lifestyle. I suspect there are many reasons someone would want to live off grid today, but for me it is simple yet based on more than one reason. There are many aspects of this way of life that really speak to my spiritual side and I am not talking religion here folks, I am talking a healthy respect for nature, feel good energies that exist where peace and serenity is abundant and the animals themselves as companions.

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2nd, I have a very large problem with the food that is being made today and sold in the grocery stores labeled as “food”. In fact, more and more of that so called food is becoming more poisonous to people each year. There is a problem when people see themselves as more powerful than God and think they can replace God. I am talking about playing God by CHANGING the food in a laboratory (Genetically Modified) as opposed to growing it in the ground and leaving it as it is, as God intended. So my family grows our food. We hunt, fish, wild forage, raise, barter and trade with others, that do the same. The food we grow and raise is done so naturally, no chemicals of any kind are allowed in our garden or animal pens.

The food we find in the forest, is naturally organic and we make strong relationships with those that live as we do so we know what they use to grow the food we trade for. So in closing, my advice is, grow and raise your own, as much as you can and know what you and your family are eating. You’ll find when you do that, good health comes natural as well.

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