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What is humanure?

Humanure (human manure) is human fecal matter and urine recycled for thermophilic composting, which is used for gardens and agricultural uses. Humanure contains rich nutrients that improve plant growth! For this reason, humanure should be recycled anytime possible. Humanure can be a source of disease organisms but if composted right, they can all be eliminated. A composting practice called, “thermophilic” is a way of breaking down biological waste. To kill all the harmful bacteria and viruses, your compost pile must get hot. In order to make your compost pile get hot , you must add weeds, wood chips, sawdust and kitchen scraps to the thermophilic compost stack. By adding all that to your compost box/bin, it can produce enough heat to eliminate human pathogen and compost the matter which is then turned into rich organic fertilizer! The thermophilic compost stack must be large, about 1m3 or larger.

According to 

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Adapting to mother nature


Each year that we have lived off the grid, in the forest, the country, hand in hand with mother nature, we have watched it change. After years and years of living IN nature, UNDER the canopy of the forest, IN the woods….I have learned to co-exist with her. And you have to. Well, if you have any since of morality, any since of responsibility to your planet and all its inhabitants. Because we are stewards of this land…we do not own this land nor do you nor does any other human being. All this was here before us, and it will be here long after us, no matter what we do. So, this is why we are stewards of earth…and not kings or queens of the land. Once we are done with this life, we will die, our spirit moves on, and mother earth will still be living. But will she be living in survival mode, because humanity has practically destroyed her? I refuse to be apart of the problem. Dogwood Hollow Homestead refuses to be part of that problem. And so…living in harmony with all of nature is what we practice here. That, in itself, is enough so that over many years and much insight meditation, that I have come to know mother pretty darn well.

Mo. sunset August 2016

So I have become in tuned to nature to a point that I can read her pretty good. Over the past few years I have watched as climate changes have been ramping up. It was 2 years ago today that the USDA announced a complete overhaul of the zones. Planting zones are like a bible off grid. We have to plant at the right time or we may or may not have a successful crop. Never in history has this change ever before been implemented. Now, most people today, like in such a way that the food they consume is no more than a short drive or walk from the local grocery store. But not to long ago everyone was growing the majority of their own food. Off grid, we produce almost all the food we need. In warmer months, we produce even more. Now produce is a catch all word I use but we have multiple methods of securing food, through cultivation, husbandry, cropping, hunting to name a few. So because of this, hardly anyone in society took notice of this important change. However, your farmers knew. And with this change comes changes to farming too.

Large Kennebec

What actually is happening is the continents are moving. The earths poles are shifting, north becomes south and south becomes north. Now before you say, well that is hogwash, no such happening. I will challenge you to research and see that this phenomenon not only is real, but has taken place on earth many times in ages past. We have found loads of proof. Well there is mounting evidence that this is happening again, and we are right smack dab in the mist of it. Where we are, the great state of Missouri, we are drifting south. This means hotter summers and not so cold winters. Have we seen proof of this at the homestead? YES, by far. In fact, over the last 2 years I have personally mentally recorded a multitude of radical changes that have to be the result of the poles shifting, the state moving closer to the equator. We have even experimented with planting certain crops that are not supposed to be growing in southern MO. with much success.

Avacado tree 2016.JPG

Avocado tree growing in southern Missouri 

So we have an avocado tree on the homestead now and are working on a 2nd one. The one in the picture is in dormant phase currently, as it is January 2017, but it grew to a height of 18 inches the first year. This year it will undoubtedly grow another 18 or so inches. Avocado trees can be grown in a green house in MO. BUT we grew this baby in a pot sitting in the garden all the way up to the first frost in October 2016.  We have seen plants in the forest popping up that is not supposed to grow in this region. As an herbalist I can see a plant and say what it is, with many. So when I see one I know and it is not supposed to be growing here…its pretty noticeable. So last year we had to learn a whole new way of growing food. Because as the poles shift, we drift south, all of a sudden crops that grew good before don’t anymore. Crops that were hard to grow here not grow easier. We are growing things during times when it is supposed to be nearly impossible. Such as tomatoes all the way through October, green beans later and later each year for the last 2 years. Last year we were getting green beans in November! And I am talking 2-3 lbs a time. Kentucky wonder pole beans, in case anyone local wants to know.

Green beans.JPG

Kentucky wonder pole beans

That is an early picture of our beans, but those are the beans that would not quit! More this past year than the year before and I seen this change starting up 2 years ago. So this next season, we will be planting a lot more of these beans and canning loads for months. I am going to be banking on what I can grow tons of and just do it and preserve it. Who knows what this event is going to do to the food prices everywhere, the big farm crop success all over, the national supply….the WORLD supply! Part of how I live is to live prepared and to always continue to prepare for what ever may come as a challenge to our survival. The pole shift will and IS causing major hardship across the globe when it comes to food IF the people all over that grow your food does not get their heads out of their asses and learn the changes that have to come to their farming that corresponds to the changes in the climates all over. SO….last year I had to do things differently. This year, I can already see changes that need to be made. As it stands right now, my daughter has learned so much that she has practically become like me and decided to try and sprout pepper seeds in January. She did so with much success and her pepper plants are already almost 2 inches tall. With today’s sun, FINALLY, after 9 days of none, those plants probably will be taking off.

GMO stop

We grow all organic food here. We plant only heirloom seeds and we produce and save our seed and we replant that seed each year. We have some seeds that are 100’s of years old. Those seeds have to be planted at different times now. So that requires us having to learn through trial and error, there is no other way to know folks. The civilizations on the planet now have never had to deal with a pole shift and such awesome climate change. So there is no teacher. This is why it is so important to become one with nature. Mother nature will take care of you IF you take care of her. On the homestead, this belief is followed closely. We grow food for our survival, its how we live. We choose NOT to shop, so much, in a grocery store and we are striving for 100% self sufficiency, which means NO stores for us. Every year we have expanded our gardening and food production efforts. This year, there is no difference. Again, we will be expanding on it all around. Each year we learn more and more about what we can use for medicine and food in the forest we dwell in. each year we grow different, more foods and cultivate more and more wild foods. Things such as berries and wild greens, roots etc.


In 2016 we started harvesting this “new” mushroom, to us. This is “old man of the woods”, an edible mushroom that grows wild on the homestead in a good quantity. We also started harvesting and using wild basil, also called Shiso or Perilla. It to, grows all over the homestead. we want to be able to walk through our fores and the 30 acres that surrounds us in off grid community, and see food all over the place. We also are plating food all over the place. Where ever a possibility food will grow and do good, we plant seed. We are producing a forest garden. But each year changes have to be made, now, to how we have been farming in southern, MO. for years. Changes that mother nature is teaching me about and changes we all must face and learn to accept and adapt. This year, already I am tossing about the idea of planting seed now and just keeping them covered with some plastic. In all actuality, a lot of stuff id growing all over the homestead and it’s kind of alarming. Actually, we should not be able to plant anything currently, the ground is usually solid too. Almost 70 degree here today folks, and this is not the only day.

The old saying, “adapt and over come can be applied here. Because if you do not adapt….you will not overcome. Ask yourself, what major natural disasters, more than what is already being recorded, will happen…and are you ready to survive this? If your answer is no, you have to choices.

#1- Learn, and do so quickly, what you need to know about this. Move off grid and prepare your family to survive because food prices are about to skyrocket and the shortage is going to be scary. OR

#2- Join a community of people that are already doing it and will welcome you. Become part of that group and prepare together to survive what may come.


What does it mean to live off the grid?


First I want to say, living off the grid can be different for different people, so to save argument I will start off by saying this is not solely MY “idea” of off grid living, per say, but should be understood to be the most popular, general idea of what living off the grid is all about.

A bit of background, me and my family have been living off the grid, 100%, here in the southern Missouri Ozarks for almost 7 years. We not only have followed a traditional method of off grid living but have even went as far as keeping our living arrangement so basic/simple that we have even lived without renewable energy sources or gravity fed water since we began our off grid journey in 2010.


We cut, split, haul and stack our own firewood and we do it all with minimal tools. A small garden wagon (when it is in working condition), a decent chain saw, a splitting ax and short handle sledge hammer for those stubborn logs. We heat and cook with wood. We own 5 acres of undeveloped land that is 100% wooden, so we are considered a forest homestead. So what does living off the grid really mean? Does it mean living in the woods, living in a tiny home, small cabin, raising chickens and goats, gardening maybe? Does it mean having solar panels or a wind turbine and harvesting your own energy? How about all of the above and none of the above. Living off the grid, when technically broken down, literally means living disconnected from the technological grids that run our modern world today. And that is it in a nutshell. Now are there many other aspects of living off the grid that come into play when someone decides to disconnect from the grids? Sure there is!

This is because when you disconnect your life from the modern days grids, the power grid, water grid, communications, internet etc., you become self sufficient. You have to learn to do things differently, and usually on your own, that you had help with when your life was more modern. Things such as refrigeration, staying cool in summer and warm in winter, cooking those things need to be rethought and changed. What about a simple task in modern life as using the bathroom? Sure, it becomes a chore once you disconnect from the water grid, and a very important one too.


Now there are many that will argue with you and say something like, “no, living off the grid means this and that and you have to do this and change to that way and…” the fact is off grid living does mean different things to different people, but there is no argument when you stick to the basics of what it means. Living disconnected to the technological grids. What are the benefits of such a way of life? Well besides the obvious no utility bills, you are free to make all the changes to your way of life you want. So why not grow your own food, raise animals for the by products you use, hunt, fish and trade for more clean meat, wild forage food from your forest and reap the awesome benefits of great health!

Large Kennebec

While you are it, learn some survival skills, after all off grid living does usually mean you live outside the populations of the city. You never know when you will need to know how to stitch up a simply wound on your leg, treat a sinus infection, or drink water you have to harvest from a wet weather creek which means knowing how to purify it. Those that live off the grid incorporate all the extras, such as wild foraging for food, just because they have moved into such a position of self reliance that they want more. So, many things could be added to the answer as to what off grid living means, but that does not necessarily mean that is the answer every person off grid has to adhere too. I think there might be one thing that everyone off grid is sure to agree on and that is, off grid living is true freedom and how life was meant to be lived!

Indian summer & Ice storm all in the same week? Believe it.

2017 has just begun and already, at the homestead, here in Missouri we have seen some wild weather patterns that are farrrrrrr from normal folks. We have been warning you and talking about the imminent pole shift and the changes that is coming to the earth and telling you to prepare and get ready to survive, you and your family. And not it is our turn. It does not all come at once, it comes in waves and if you are prepared to survive what comes then you are 1 up on others. So prepare, NOW and get ready because the weather patterns of 2017 are already crazy. Since Jan 1 we have been having weather in the day that seems to resemble an early spring. Then at night it gets cold enough to light the wood stove. Some will say, well that is just what happens from time to time with the weather and this seems pretty normal. NO. There is more to the story folks. The last few days, in fact, it has been near 70 degrees at the homestead, and those few days we have experience winds that were devastating. We have trees and limbs down at the homestead and have been having a hard time fighting the winds picking everything up and tieing it all down. The winds tossed one of our rabbit cage roofs into the air and that roof was held down with 4 large stones! They went flying too. The bunny was not injured 🙂

That was the last few days. Now in the same week, they are warning us of a major ice/winter storm that will be here tonight after midnight! They are saying this is a big one and it seems the homestead could be in the blunt of the path. We are expecting a half inch of ice or more, snow and probably those winds again. The winds have died down today, but it is a lot colder than yesterday. Its like we had an Indian summer and then a few days later it all flipped with a serious winter storm coming. Check out this video.

It was so warm the last few days, that we were actually working in the garden. No planting, of course, but doing things such as mending fences, building raised boxes, hauling manure and wood chips to the garden. Raking leaves and moving them from the garden into the animal pens, when the wind let us. Shoot, t-shirt weather it was, now today, I have on a sweater and a beanie cap. Sure has been a change over night. It was so warm last night and yesterday that we had to allow the wood stove to burn out, the first time since early fall! So I wake up, cold and confused and had to light that stove up. So they have warned us.

Ice storm warning 2017.jpg

At the homestead, we are prepared for this. In the beginning of the week I felt pressed to cut down a very large dead tree even though before I was not even thinking about using my cheap 18 inch chain saw to do such a job. Now, almost a week later I have a cord of wood ready to go! Our wood pile we have been letting just kind of mosey along because our winter, this time, has been doing the same, just moseying along. Then I get this feeling to cut a lot of wood at once, so I do it. Now I see this warning today! Folks I do not care what anyone says, my spirit guide guides me through life and I have found that as long as I am staying on the straight and narrow, keeping my mind clear and doing what I am supposed to do, my guide protects me. Now some things are true whether you believe in them or not 🙂

So to all of you in the path of this monster, I hope you have headed the warnings and are ready. If not, you have about 6 hrs to grad supplies. When you do this, think about being without power for days. Water pipes may freeze and you may not be able to drive anyplace. You need food, water, meds (if used), candles or lanterns, heat and something to occupy your time. Everyone stay safe and remember, its never too late to prepare!


Imminent mass exodus to off grid living


So those of you that have followed us, or the blog here or that know us personally know that we are in the know about living off grid and homesteading. Many of you know how we live, personally. Some of you have been to the homestead! So take what I am about to tell you to heart. Take it how you want, but to me…..a spiritual man that is in tune with the universe…its a warning. I will say this, something it happening folks and I feel there is something big to look at here. Something we all need to see and most likely head the warning.

Where we live at, at the homestead, it is set in an undeveloped 200 or so acres of land that has been chopped up and sold off to the public at easy prices per 5-10 acre plots. 7 years ago, we came here. We went off grid and our journey started. Now the development was not new, in fact it was all sold except the plot we bought and maybe one or two others. That is out of 19 plots in the development. We watched, for years, folks come and go on the different land plots around the homestead. Always watching the land turn over and over. We remained. Recently, we started noticing a big change. People started showing up to the land plots around us and staying! Then it was just a few, 1 or 2 here and there. Mostly folks come and see the land is not what they want and leave.


Hardly any of them we got to know. We just knew we would be wasting our time because we knew they would be gone soon. Folks just can not handle off grid life because it is to hard for them. That is the majority folks. Then very recently, since the election started to take shape 2016-2017 presidential election, we seen some come and set up camp and stay on their site. They were off gridders and said they came to get off grid and away from city life. We watched….and they stayed. Now the election and more started coming. Well very recently we saw a couple come from Ohio and Nevada and set up an off grid came on their plot of land and stay! Like 2 at a time. Now that 2017 is here, we are still watching them come and stay, from all over the country. Just 2 weeks ago, a man and woman couple, brother and sister, came and set up a tent in the dead of winter here, built them and are still building an off grid primitive camp and when we met them and asked what they were smoking, I mean….folks its January and 8 degrees tonight! They are in a tent! They told me…“We are tired of people, tired of societal living, tired of the tyranny called the govt. and we have a feeling something bad is about to happen in this country and we want to be able to survive.” Now I quoted that.


That was a few weeks ago. They are still there. We have got to helping them a lot and we like that fact that they are in the right mind frame to do this. We try to be a beacon of light for those coming to the off grid life, as you all know. Then a few days ago I get this weird email. A man says he found our email from a web search of some GPS coordinates that he thought was his new off grid land coordinates.  Just so happens they led him to our address and when he searched the address discovered Dogwood Hollow Homestead lived at the address. So he emailed me. I thought it strange to skeptically I contacted him back and asked all sorts of questions. It seems he has bought a plot of land near us, yet another one, and is coming to live off grid this month! Coming from the Texas coast, he says. After talking to him online a bit, I learned that he found the plot of land in our development through a dream!


Now I will quote him as well. “I have no idea what I am doing, we are from the city and we are getting away and away from the coast and we are going to the MO. Ozarks to go off grid on a plot of land, we have never even seen, and I found your contact info ultimately through a dream.” Something is leading my wife and I, he says, to do this and we bought the land on a whim! So I say to the man, do you have any idea how cold it is here right now? Because there in Texas, on the coast, it was currently 70 degrees! He says, yes, I know its REAL winter there. He then goes into telling me that he and his wife have recently been having dreams and feelings that are warning them of impending doom in the country and this is part of the reason they are coming here. He says he is being led by something but does not even believe in spiritual stuff! Well I had to inform him that he was part of a mass exodus that is taking place, right now, of folks leaving the cities to go off grid.


So here it is in a nutshell, and I only mentioned a few recent happenings. But we have went from just us out there where the homestead is, to quite the happening off grid community of all sorts off people. 19 plots is the development we live in. All lots are now sold, but lot 2, 6-10 and 12 have recently become occupied, and I mean fast, like all of a sudden, with those coming to learn to live off grid. I think lot 2 is a bit different as they are older folks and we have seen them put in a well and security light. But we recently heard they are going back to the city, temporarily. They probably will sell. So now Dogwood Hollow Homestead is surrounded by off gridders. We are networking and getting to know each other which means we are becoming the awesome little off grid community we have been looking for for years! There are some other cool details I could share with you, that some preppers and survivalists and the likes would say, is pretty darn awesome, but I won’t in the interest of some privacy from the prying eyes of those that are trying to kill off grid life and freedom as we know it in the US.

First snow5.JPG

Bottom line is…we are watching a mass exodus to the Missouri Ozarks from the cities to live off the grid folks and over the last month it has ramped up substantially. These people want to get away so bad, they are coming right now, not waiting until warmer weather and they are coming with nothing, just knowledge. Bold as it may be…this is Missouri and it is December and it is freezing and snowing and with nothing but a tent to protect you and your wits, it’s dangerous. But if they want it that bad and can deal with it, then we know they have a very good chance of being successful in their new journey, and Dogwood Hollow Homestead will be right there to help them, as is ours way, until they give up or make it successfully. So take head folks, prepare for whatever, and if you can, get your family out of the big cities and out to the country where survival has a better chance in the event SHTF soon. Peace and love!


What does 2017 hold for DHH?

Cool Text - Happy New yearFrom Dogwood Hollow Homestead 223189043157937.png

As 2016 comes to a close, very soon, and 2017 is upon us, just as soon, we at Dogwood Hollow Homestead off grid would like to thank all our readers, fans, friends and family for being a part of our off grid family here on WordPress. From our blog to our Facebook page and new Facebook group to our personal pages as well as our new YouTube channel….we thank you for being apart of our world. If you missed any of our channels on the net, now is a great time to search for us in all your popular visiting places on the net and see if we are there! 2017 came sort of quick for us on the homestead and I am sure many more can say that. But running a homestead is busy work and we are always doing something, whether its a down day on the internet updating all our followers or a project day at the homestead, there is always something we are doing.

In 2016 the biggest project we completed was the pallet cabin.


Those of you that have been following us, know all to well, that this has been a heck of a project to get done and we did it in about 2 years and we live in our little creation now with plans of additions, to the cabin, already in the works. It seems like we JUST made the announcement that we would be upgrading our animal stocks to get closer to as self sufficient as we were 6 years ago, when we first began our journey. Which we announced about Dec. 2015. You all watched as we did just that. We now raise, turkey, chickens, ducks, guineas, pigs and rabbits. Although we have just 1 turkey left 😛 haha. We just got the guineas and we have just 2 potbelly/market mix girls left, we had to butcher the boar this year. We do not plan on continuing to raise pigs, we are not fans. So they are up for trade or sell so we can get a few milk goats. We used to raise milk goats.


We miss making cheese, coffee cream and drinking raw goats milk and we want to start making our own soap. So 2017 we will be getting back into making those things from goats milk that we will be raising on the homestead. We have almost totally decided to add even more to our animal population so to be able to provide more of a sustainable food source for our family in the form of meat birds. Currently we only raise chickens and ducks and have 1 turkey hen. But all those are just for egg laying. We seldom butcher one of our birds to eat and always eat a bird that becomes sick or injured to prevent loss when the bird dies. However, we want to raise a pen of meat chickens so we are tossing about the idea of raising Cornish cross birds next year as well as commercial turkey. The commercial turkeys I am thinking of raising for a 2 fold idea. One to supplement our meat source and two to supplement our main source of income. We want to be able to sell turkey at the local auction and to people around the holidays. So look for us to get into that. 6 years ago, when we began off grid living, we raised turkeys, you can see them in the picture below.


These are Royal Palms. They are more for show, but I liked their color markings. We sold these birds around November for about $20 a piece. We Are thinking a pen of commercial turkeys will bring in a nice profit at the local farm auction, fall of 2017. So again, we are saying we are striving even more to become more self sufficient. And isn’t that the name of the game folks? To become 100% self sufficient in all your ways and to live a sustainable life on the earth while we are here IS what we are about. We are still working towards getting a renewable power source up and running at the homestead as well. Now that will certainly be a major upgrade. We have lived with no sustainable power at the homestead for almost 7 years. I think we will be keeping our oil lamps, however! We already have had donations to the homestead in this area. Earlier in the year we had this system given to us. Although, small, it got us going.

However, what we will need and what we have are two very different things. Currently we have these panels, a 12 v converter and a 12 v charge controller (2 of them). Problem is, we have to run wires over a long way to get to where the sun is at the forest homestead. SO because of that we need to have a 24 volt system. So we have to replace our charge controller and our converter and work on getting 24 volt panels. Recently we had a 320 watt solar panel donated to the homestead by a friend of ours. We are quite happy about it because it saves us quite a bit of money. It is quite large, weighing in at 50 lbs. But it is a 24 v panel and so we are well on our way. Now to save money and buy some good batteries to store all our solar energy. So you will see us doing that this next year, I am sure. We are in the process of reforming as an eco-commune so you can look forward to posts about this in 2017 as well.

We are always trying different things, changing what we do for what seems better and upgrading where it makes since. Another big change that will come for the homestead is the transitioning from traditional gardening to more garden boxes and Back to Eden gardening methods. So we currently are not planning on tilling of the ground anymore, but that could all change, I am sure. As for now, all that could really change that is the fact that we do not get the wood chips we need. Back to Eden gardening method requires a lot of wood chips. So we have our tiller up for trade/sale to aid us in acquiring 2 milk goats. We don’t keep things that we do not use anymore just sitting around, we try and trade the item to upgrade our lives in other areas. So here is the tiller.

Rear tined tiller 2016.JPG

We used this tiller for 2 years putting in our garden plots each year. It has seen a lot of work and been in the shop. But it is still in very good shape, so can be used for a good trade. I have it listed on our local online network but still no good hits. So as 2016 closes for us and 2017 stands waiting to be noticed, don’t forget about us, we sure won’t forget you. Happy new year everyone!

Cabin walls get their “stuffing” & skin, bedroom refinish & trim work galore!

You all that have been following our blog and cabin build from the beginning 2 years ago, you remember this?


Beginning pallet cabin floor winter 2014-2015

This was the first picture taken of the pallet cabin when we began this project and then the snow came. This is a picture of the main part of the cabin. 12×16 built using scrap 2×4’s and timber logs. You can see the beginning of the walls too, with the lone pallet standing attached to the floor right there.

Today, some 2 or more years forward, we live in our pallet cabin, all warm and cozy and although it is not FULLY finished, it is mostly. You’ve all seen updates and updated pictures, no doubt. For those of you that have not, well, it’s a fully stocked blog and we have not deleted any blogs about the cabin since we began. So read up 🙂 So you all are wondering, whats the new pictures look like, where are we on the cabin build and what are any updates we have to share! Right? Well we have the walls insulation complete in the whole cabin, all the walls, except a small or medium spot here and there, are covered. We have all the OSB we need to cover all the spots remaining and some, just a matter of time now. We work on it all we can, as daylight is scarce these days as we are getting deeper into the 2016-2017 winter season.


My daughter trimming the cabin walls and ceiling in the main part

As you can see, the walls are covered inside, with OSB or some call it wafer board. It is cheap and easily installed with drywall screws. We’ve had to do quite a bit of fancy cutting with this cabin, and some of the OSB had to be cut length and width wise. Every single cut on this cabin was done with a $20 dollar hand saw folks. We live off grid and we do not cut corners to make a job easier or quicker. We simple do what we have to and take our time and live what we do. Also, as you can see, we have stuck to the fact that this cabin was mostly build using recycled wooden pallets. That trim she is installing is pallet boards cut to length and screwed in with drywall screws.Trim is being placed where the walls meet the floor, the ceiling and each other at the corners. We also trimmed the ceiling OSB boards. For plans as to what we want to do after it is all installed for looks. We plan on painting the ceiling with off white and the walls with a Terra pot brown. All the trim and doors will be stained a walnut color too.


Walls and ceiling insulated and covered in the small bedroom

When we installed the wall boards, in the main part of the cabin, we turned the OSB rough side out. That way when it is painted there will be a thatched look to it, we like that! Not only have we been busy at work doing all the insulating, covering and trimming but we have also completed the small bedroom addition as soon in the picture above and this one below.


Walls and ceiling covered in the small bedroom/hand built free standing closet

We finally got the small bedroom all done and the completion we worked very hard on for 2 days and got it knocked out, just the 2 of us. Including removing most of the items from the room, all the roof metal, installing the OSB on the ceiling and roof, insulating and reinstalling the metal and all the rooms items. It took the two of us about 6 hours to do all that, in the icy wind and low temperatures of December as well as using only battery powered headlamps. So in these pictures below you can see the insulated roof of the small bedroom and can tell the pictures were taken at night with a flash.

Small bedroom roof insulated before OSB and metal covering

For now, all but the trim work, the small bedroom is finished. As some of you may know, we had to lift and rebuild the floor of the main cabin. Well the same had to be done for the small bedroom so the flooring matched. So we used scrap lumber, scrap OSB pieces and pretty thick OSB boards for the new floor. In these pictures you can see the skill and hard work that it took to get this floor where it was no longer a problem with its slants and weakness and such.

Lifting. leveling and replacing the floor in the small bedroom

We knew we were going to have to replace the floors of the cabin after a few winters left their weathered mark on them, that and the fact that since I am no carpenter, my initial installation of the floors was less than good. The redo was a success, all around, but if I had to do it again, there are many things that come into my mind of what NOT to do. But its all said and done and so is the life of a self sufficient man, live and learn….most of the time, on your own. We plan on covering the cabin floors with carpet. The kind you can sweep with an old straw broom, well since most vacuums are electric powered. We want comfort and cleanliness so it is essential that the floor covering be easily taken care of. We have found a resource for cheap carpet that matches our plans. At a local resale shop here in town, sticking to the tradition we started with, spending as little as we have to and using all we can from second hand sales and trade to build with.


 The small bedroom right after it was all said and done

We have even managed to build a few odds and ends with some pallet wood moving forward with our completion of our little TC in the woods. Here you can see some shelving my daughter built and some decorations we recycled from tossed out supplies at a local factory.

Shelving and decorations made using recycled pallet wood and reclaimed items


Close up of the trim work we are doing in the pallet cabin

Now there are many reasons someone would want to trim their work. To cover inconsistencies, mistakes, and for a certain look. We are doing it for all of the above. After covering our walls, it was obvious, with all the fancy cutting that had to be done, that we were not great carpenters and the whole cabin is just not square. So there are places where the walls meet the ceiling, floor and each other where the OSB quite a gap. These gaps are also places where bugs can hide and we did not want any more of that than what we already have to put up with living in the woods. So the trim we are getting by taking apart the same pallets that we built the cabin with. Using drywall screws to secure them and it is covering all the cracks and crevices. It makes me happy to be able to recycle this wood and it makes me even happier to know that I have spent less than $1000 on my cabin in actual money!


Sealing the cabin doors

Along with all the trim and finishing work comes the weather proofing work. So here you can see we have sealed up the cracks in the doors and other places in the cabin, although the doors were the worst shape. Winter winds have been blowing here and it has been below freezing now for weeks. So we had to hurry with this one as we were runnign fa behind ole man winter. That is just plain white caulking men. Water proof and paintable type. We will eventually sand the doors and stain them a deep walnut color to match all the trim which will also eventually stained. But as for now, we are glad the air flow has been stopped! Even with the nice wood stove we have, you could feel the winds blowing.

Small bedroom addition

Now if you have been paying attention and following our blog, you will recall we mentioned, a time or two, about a small bedroom addition. In May 2016 we were blessed with a grandson. Of course we were in the middle of a one bedroom cabin build! So now we have started on the 2nd small bedroom for him. It is situated connected with a walk thru doorway to his momma’s room and will be the same size. The photos above were taken while we were building the floor. We have finished the floor now and will soon be starting on the walls, which, again, will be wood pallets. we have much to remember from our learning experiences we gained building the first 2 rooms to this cabin. So I expect this room to be the best built room on the cabin to date. Always we live and learn! Already the floor was more quickly and easier built than the others. We used scrap lumber reclaimed from an old chicken house to do this floor and even covered this floor with pallet wood. It will also be covered with the same type easily taken care of carpet for comfort.

So there you have it folks, all caught up! Hope you are all staying healthy and warm this winter season! Good night.